Here are the most important TEN articles on the site. If you read nothing else about pedagogy, make sure you read these. They will change the way you learn languages!

How to Speak a

Foreign Language Fluently


The key to speaking a language fluently is volume. You need loads of simple sentences, but where can you find them? With this tutorial, I show you how to generate hundreds of easy sentences in a foreign language for daily spoken drills. 


The Best Way

to Learn a New Language

As a professional English teacher and lifetime student of foreign languages, I've come across many methods of studying foreign languages. None, however, are as good as Shadowing. Learn about it here before you waste any more time!


How to Master 

Intensive Reading

Intensive reading is a skill. If done incorrectly, you can throw hours and hours away underlining, looking up words and generally wasting time. Learn this method and master the skill of intensive reading.

How to Write in a

Foreign Language (Without a Teacher!)


No teacher around to help you with your writing? Unbelievably, that is no longer an issue with this amazing method.

How to Master

Extensive Reading


Want to get to a solid B2 level by reading captivating stories? Well, this tutorial will help you to do just that.

Finding the

Right Book for You


How do you know whether or not a text is appropriate for your level? The traditional levels may not tell the whole story for your PERSONAL ability. This method might just help.

How to Master 

Foreign Language Goals


Fed up with standard levels? Do you want to learn a language by working towards explicit goals and numbers? If you do, this geeky method might be just for you.

The Art of 

Reviewing a Foreign Language


Ready to add a review system to your box of tricks? Well, you've come to the right place with today's Featured tutorial!

Learn How to 

Speak a Foreign Language 

Without a Partner!


Memorising texts has been around for centuries- here's a new approach to the method. Get your doodling pens ready!

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What are the

Best Materials to Learn a Foreign Language?


Textbooks are an incredibly good resource for foreign language learners, but how should we use them and which ones should we choose? Here's the case for textbook more work.

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About Me

My name is Neil and I have been teaching English professionally for almost 20 years, the last ten of which at my language school. 

Apart from a diploma in teaching English as a foreign language (Cert Tesol), I have a BA in modern and Classical Chinese. I also speak Spanish, Italian, and French, and read Latin. 

Besides continuing my daily studies of these languages, I have also set myself a language goal of one new language a year. I’m looking forward to starting Japanese or German on the 1st January 2021.



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