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Resource Page: JAPANESE

Here you can find all the resources that I personally recommend and use myself (or wish I had used). 

Disclosure: Many of the links in these pages are affiliate links, which means I will get a small commission for each purchase at no additional cost to the reader. In every case, I have either used, regretted not using, or plan to use the products on the site that I recommend.

japanese 1.jpg



One of the best methods around for learning a language. A bit on the pricy side, but you get what you pay for. Pure quality. -Regrettably, this link contains no audio CD

French LingQ.png


One of the best platforms out there for learning Japanese. Try the free version or subscribe for better features.


Pimsleur: Japanese 

A wonderful method for learning a language on the move, especially when you already have a good basic understanding of the language. Click here for a free 7 day trial. 

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Teach Yourself: Complete Japanese

Not an ideal course for a complete beginner, but excellent as a review and as dialogues to memorise.

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Japanese 1

Similar to the Teach Yourself method. Very good for extra reading practice.


GENKI: Series

When I was at university studying Chinese, many of my coursemates were studying Japanese with Genki. I haven't used it, but I can't wait to use this series.

japanese 2.jpg



A great method that can be used as a review after Assimil, or as a stand-alone text. Textually heavy.

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