Resource Page: Latin, Stage TWO

Here you can find all the resources that we are using for the Latin Intermediate-Advanced Reading Challenge. Some are paid, some are free- all are good. If you aren't taking part in the challenge, the resources still stand out and are recommended. 

Disclosure: Some of the links in these pages are affiliate links, which means I will get a small commission for each purchase at no additional cost to the reader. In every case, I have either used, regretted not using, or plan to use the products on the site that I recommend.

Ecce Romani

More high school Latin from the acclaimed Ecce Romani series. Excellent material and cultural tidbits for easy reading at an intermediate stage.

Teach yourself

Beginner's Latin

Not to be confused with Complete Latin, also by Teach yourself. This looks to be a fun reader with the added bonus of being set in Medieval England and not, like all others, in ancient Rome.

Reading Latin

A very good reading course which probably works better as an extensive reader rather than as a programme. Quite intimidating because of the conspicuous absence of Vs, but probably good practice for the serious student.

Assimil: Latine

Sans Peine

The irony is that this is called Latin without Pain (or toil), but if you don't know French, I'm afraid this is false advertising as the book doesn't have an English translation. However, if you know Assimil, you'll know how good their courses are. Accessing this book was the reason I learned French. 

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Apart from a diploma in teaching English as a foreign language (Cert Tesol), I have a BA in modern and Classical Chinese. I also speak Spanish, Italian, and French, and read Latin. 

Besides continuing my daily studies of these languages, I have also set myself a language goal of one new language a year. I’m looking forward to starting Japanese or German on the 1st January 2021.



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