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French Speaking Challenge (A1): Week Four

(This challenge is about SPEAKING. To get to a solid A1 reading level, click here for the A1 French Reading Challenge.)


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Week One: Challenge Introduction and Spoken Drills

Week Two: Spoken Drills

Week Three: Spoken Drills

Week Four: Spoken Drills

Week Five: Spoken Drills

Week Six: Spoken Drills


Week Seven: Reflections


Welcome to week 4 of our French Spoken Challenge (A1). To learn more about the challenge, please read the challenge introduction here.


How to use the CI Clouds: Obviously, you can read the tutorial here, but if you can’t be asked, here’s how it works:


  1. Take a few words;

  2. Use positive, negative, interrogative (+,-,?) forms of each sentence;

  3. Generate hundreds of sentences easily.'

For example, I + understand + (French / Spanish / English) =


1) I understand French.

2) I understand Spanish.

3) I understand English.

4) I don’t understand French.

5) I don’t understand Spanish.

6) I don’t understand English.

7) Do I understand French?

8) Do I understand Spanish?

9) Do I understand English?


The amount of spoken sentences that can be generated quickly is crazy, for example adding you to the above examples would generate another 9 sentences. This kind of exercise is excellent for improving spoken French without a partner. I’ll include an exercise for each lesson. 

So let's get ready for our fourth week!











samedi (optional): Review each cloud in the positive

dimanche:(optional): Review each cloud in the negative

Well, that's the end of this week's challenge! See you next week for part 5 and please share & leave comments if you know someone who you think would be interested!

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