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French: A1 reading Challenge

Are you ready to reach A2 in less than 2 months? Well, it can be done if you take this reading challenge! Good luck!


A1 French Reading Challenge:

Week 1: Introduction


Set yourself the goal of getting to A2 French with this 7 week challenge! Higher levels can participate, too!


A1 French Reading Challenge:

Week 2: The Nutcracker


Here is the first book of our challenge. Be prepared to be whisked away to a magical land of Christmas, danger, and dance!


A1 French Reading Challenge:

Week 3: The Black Tulip


Here's the second book in our reading challenge- a tale of murder, deception, and... tulips! What else would you expect in 17th century Holland?. 


A1 French Reading Challenge:

Week 4: Fables


Here's the third book in our French Reading Challenge! Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the title, there are probably more new words here than you could shake an uprooted and toppled oak tree at....


A1 French Reading Challenge:

Week 5: Beauty and the Beast


This timeless classic is still delightful even in spite of its unashamedly chauvinistic overtones. But there's a monster and it's in easy French, so enjoy! 


A1 French Reading Challenge:

Week 6: Lancelot


Chivalry, jousting, castles and honour; Enjoy this simplified version of a classic Arthurian Medieval tale.

W7 Exam.jpg

A1 French Reading Challenge:

Week 7: Exam and Leaving Remarks


In this final post for the series, we have a treat for you- an exam! 

Also, there are some parting thoughts about what to do next.

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