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French Speaking Challenge (A1): Week Six

(This challenge is about SPEAKING. To get to a solid A1 reading level, click here for the A1 French Reading Challenge.)


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Welcome to week 6 of our French Spoken Challenge (A1). To learn more about the challenge, please read the challenge introduction here.


How to use the CI Clouds: Obviously, you can read the tutorial here, but if you can’t be asked, here’s how it works:


  1. Take a few words;

  2. Use positive, negative, interrogative (+,-,?) forms of each sentence;

  3. Generate hundreds of sentences easily.'

For example, I + understand + (French / Spanish / English) =


1) I understand French.

2) I understand Spanish.

3) I understand English.

4) I don’t understand French.

5) I don’t understand Spanish.

6) I don’t understand English.

7) Do I understand French?

8) Do I understand Spanish?

9) Do I understand English?


The amount of spoken sentences that can be generated quickly is crazy, for example adding you to the above examples would generate another 9 sentences. This kind of exercise is excellent for improving spoken French without a partner. I’ll include an exercise for each lesson. 

So let's get ready for our sixth week!












samedi (optional): Review each cloud in the positive

dimanche:(optional): Review each cloud in the negative

Well, that's the end of this challenge! If you've followed it, I'm sure you are well on your way to being able to speak French!

If you've enjoyed the challenge, please share it and leave comments in below :)

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